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You can't edit this page, 'cos it's mine! But feel free to add your comments here.

-- RobCrowther (2003-03-14 17:35:25)
Wow, this is really cool.
I'd have used a PHP-based wiki myself if it wasn't for the fact that my P100 wasn't up to it. *sniff*
-- BaH (2003-03-17 13:56:18)

It is quite cool. The whole user logon and access control list gives it a slightly different dimension, plus it looks quite nice :)

I was also playing around with Open Wiki, which is ASP based, but it doesn't seem to like My SQL (accesses through ODBC, so I probably have that configured wrong). Works fine on SQL Server though, I just can't afford MS hosting... It has this rather nice Category feature though, you have this function that gets passed, for example, 'Help' and it returns all pages with that word in the title.

-- RobCrowther (2003-03-17 22:50:32)

If I could remember my login details I'd have set that first... ;-)
Please to change the awki link.. probably better as http://brucey2.net/cgi-bin/awki.cgi
Ba H

-- (2004-05-11 16:54:03)